Knowbots, Knowledge, Robots


Once upon a time, humans lived in harmony with nature. They coexisted with all living things and took only what they needed from the land and the sea. But, humanity has become disconnected from the Earth, disturbing the natural balance and moving towards a bleak and barren future for all who inhabit this planet. 

The Web of Life (WoL), which was born to help maintain all elements of this universe, has battled for centuries to protect and care for Earth. The WoL is older than you could ever imagine. It called the dinosaurs friends and witnessed the day the first human stood upright. Like the cycle of life, the WoL has many different forms and functions, and it constantly changes to cope with its surroundings.

As time went on, and the battles became harder to fight, the WoL grew tired and rusty. Running low on battery, it became a shell of the powerful, inspiring creation it once was. In a moment of exhaustion, the WoL became infected by an unknown virus, which corrupted its database and forced it to retreat into hibernation ... but not before leaving the world in good hands! 

With its last spark of energy, the WoL bravely built a skilled team of robots programmed with the highest level of information in each of their fields. 

These knowledge robots became known as the Knowbots. 

But, to succeed in their quest, the Knowbots need the help of humankind. So, they’re calling on a new generation of heroes like you – the Knowkids. 

Think you have what it takes to make a positive difference? Well then, what are you waiting for? It's time to meet these robots!