Facts | 014
Taxonomy is the science of naming a new species.
Facts | 013
The Danish language has no word for “please”.
Facts | 012
The human skull consists of twenty-two bones: eight cranial bones and fourteen facial skeleton bones.
Facts | 011
The human eye can see between seven to ten million colours, while computers can display around 17 million.
Facts | 010
Amphibians evolved from fish with lungs and limbed fins, helping them adapt to dry land.
Facts | 009
Football was invented in China around 476 B.C - today it's played in more than 200 countries.
Facts | 008
The world’s first postage stamp was issued in Britain on the 1st of May 1840.
Facts | 007
The moon takes 27.3 days to circle the Earth.
Facts | 006
Over 60 million tourists visit New York City each year.
Facts | 005
The rings inside a tree trunk are called annual growth rings.
Facts | 004
Russia launched the first satellite in 1957 called Sputnik 1.
Facts | 003
Over 130 million books have been published in modern history.