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Greetings from the great outdoors! I needed some fresh air – too much content can make my internal hard drive crash! 

With Mandarin being the most spoken language in the world today, I thought there’d be no better place to report on language than China (I also love Chinese tea, so I'll grab some fresh leaves before I head back to base!). 

Language is a communication tool mainly used by humans that is used to convey a message. It includes the spoken word, writing, symbols, body movements, and more. A particular language is an example of one of these forms of expression, such as English, Italian, Japanese, sign language, and even emojis! 

Spoken language, or speech, is the arrangement of sounds into words according to rules for their combination and usage. So, when you say a sentence, you’re forming words and placing them in a certain order to express your message. Experts think spoken language started around 500,000 years ago and evolved over time throughout the world. From then to now, humans have created new languages, adapted them, and shared them with others. Spoken languages are always changing, with new words and ways of speaking being added all the time.

Writing is the physical form of spoken language. Written language often uses alphabetic characters and punctuation marks, but it can also be formed with symbols. Written languages that use symbols include Mandarin and Greek. Emojis are also considered a form of symbol-based written language! 

I can't imagine a world without language; I would never have read so many interesting books! Aaahh, I'm getting off track now – I’d better wrap this one up for the day. Time to have some of that Chinese tea, I think!

Mandarin ​- the name given to the official Chinese language.
Communication/convey ​- sending information, such as by speaking or writing.
Combination ​- a mixture of different things. 
Usage ​- the action of using something. 
Adapt ​- adjust to a change. 
Alphabetic ​- relating to the alphabet. 
Living language ​- a language that is still being spoken.

1. The earliest records of written language go back to 3500 BC.
2. There are approximately 7100 living languages in the world.
3. The science of language is known as linguistics.

1. What’s the name of the language most spoken in the world today?
2. Name three languages spoken by humans around the world.
3. Experts think spoken language started around 500,000 years ago – true or false?
4. Are emojis considered a type of language?
5. How many living languages are there in the world?

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