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Hello down there! I’m reporting from the top of a tree today while enjoying a lovely view over the city. I can spot birds, aeroplanes, rooftops, hills and thousands of people from this tree – it’s a pretty great spot to be! 

Trees are types of plants. In fact, they’re ​perennial ​plants, meaning they live for two years or more. Some trees can live for hundreds or even thousands of years! 

Trees are quite different to other plants, as they usually have a woody trunk and grow to be very tall. It’s because of their trunks that trees can grow so big. Wood contains a certain chemical that makes trunks strong and rigid, and it helps trunks get taller and wider over time. 

Trees are very important parts of the environment, as they help create the oxygen humans need to breathe. Humans breathe in oxygen and breathe out carbon dioxide, and trees turn that carbon dioxide back into oxygen. 

There are two types of trees: ​deciduous ​and ​evergreen​. Deciduous trees completely lose their leaves at certain times of year, like autumn. Evergreen trees always have leaves throughout the year. But both types of trees have the same five main parts. 

The ​roots ​are the bits that you usually can’t see, as they mainly grow underground. The roots take nutrients and water from the soil to feed the tree. Each tree has a lot of roots, as they also help support the tree and stop it from falling over. The root system is often as big as the tree itself! 

The ​trunk ​is joined to the roots and is a really interesting part of the tree. Its outside layer is called ​bark​, which protects the trunk from insects and animals. Underneath the bark, there are many more layers that do different things. Some help the tree to grow, while others are very hard and make the tree strong. 

The ​branches ​extend out from the trunk. They help by transporting nutrients and water to leaves, and they make excellent spots for birds, animals and robots (like me!) to hang out. 

Leaves ​are important, as they create food for the tree. They collect energy from the sun and turn it into sugar, and they convert carbon dioxide from the air into oxygen. This whole process is called ​photosynthesis​. 

The ​crown ​is made up of branches and leaves. This big canopy provides shade for the roots and gives each tree its unique look. 

I really love trees and hope you do too! I’m off exploring to see if I can spot anything else from this tree – have a great day! 

Nutrient - ​something that provides the nourishment needed for good health.
Canopy ​- the highest branches and leaves on a tree. 

1. There are more than 60,000 species of tree on earth.
2. The oldest living tree is around 10,000 years old and was discovered in Sweden.
3. Trees can communicate with each other and send warnings to other trees about drought, insects, and disease.

1. How long can perennial trees live for?
2. Trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen – true or false?
3. What’s the name given to the part of the tree that grows underground?
4. What is the outside layer of the tree called?
5. Where is the oldest living tree found?

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