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Concerns For Siberia

Posted on 13 July 2020

Siberia has long been associated with icy cold weather, but the climate crisis may be causing that to change. In recent years, Siberia has experienced increasingly warmer temperatures – especially this year. 

Scientists from a climate agency affiliated with the European Commission have published research saying that in May, temperatures “were up to 10 degrees Celsius above average in parts of Siberia.” It also happened to be the warmest May on record around the world. 

Siberia stood out in the research because it had the highest increase in average temperatures. But it’s not just May that was concerning: “The whole of winter and spring had repeated periods of higher-than-average surface air temperatures,” said the scientists involved in the study. 

Higher temperatures in Siberia are already having a big impact, with the region experiencing earlier-than-usual break-up of ice in rivers, as well as wildfires.