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How to Attract Birds to Your Garden

Posted on 3 December 2019

If you live in the city or country, it’s possible to attract local birds to your garden with a few simple tips and tricks. Below is a list of strategies to try, and you might just be making some new neighbourhood friends in no time! 

1. Research birds in your area
First up, you’ll want to work out which bird species tend to live in your area so you know what you might attract. Different birds like different foods, too, so knowing the birds around you will help you decide which food to buy.

2. Set up a feeder
A bird feeder is a great starting point for making your garden more bird-friendly. Bird feeders come in a range of sizes and prices, so with a bit of help from your parents, you’ll probably find one to suit your home. Hang it up somewhere high, out of the way of your pets.

3. Put out the right foods
After you’ve done your bird research, you can work out the right foods to buy. Cockatoos like fruits, berries, seeds and nuts, for example, while jays tend to eat acorns, hazelnuts and peanuts.

4. See if you can create a birdbath
Birds love birdbaths, not only for bathing in, but also for washing down the dry nuts and seeds they eat. 

5. Try to keep your pets away from the feeder and bath
Cats and dogs can scare off birds, so try to steer them away from the bird feeder and birdbath when birds are visiting.

6. Enjoy their company
There’s nothing nicer than watching birds enjoying themselves in your garden, so the final step is to sit back and simply observe them. A pair of binoculars might come in handy too!