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Is Washing Fruit and Vegetables Necessary?

Posted on 6 November 2019

When you buy fresh fruit and vegetables, is it absolutely crucial to give them a good scrub before eating them? Some people just eat them straight away, while others soak them in things like vinegar to remove all the dirt and germs. Well, what’s the correct thing to do? 

It turns out rinsing fruit and vegetables under running water is a good idea. It helps wash away dirt, insects and other bits that cling on to fresh produce. This is especially true for heads of lettuce, leeks, spring onions and other fruits and vegetables that have tiny crevices where dirt and insects can hide out. Some food-related diseases can be spread via dirt and certain bacteria, so it’s always best to try and get rid of them before eating. 

Doing this can also wash off some of the pesticides used in fruit and vegetable production, which some people are worried about eating. Plus, lots of people touch fruit and vegetables before they make their way to you, and you never know where their hands have been!