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Malaysia’s Last Sumatran Rhino Dies

Posted on 30 December 2019

The last-known Sumatran rhino in Malaysia has died, meaning the species is now officially extinct in the country.  

The rhino was a 25-year-old female named Iman, who died of cancer on the island of Borneo. The last male Sumatran rhino in Malaysia died in May this year. 

There were once plenty of Sumatran rhinos living in the wild in Asia. Today, there are fewer than 100, making them a critically endangered species. The drop in numbers is partly due to poaching and habitat loss but is mainly because the animals are so scattered across Asia. This makes breeding and repopulating very difficult.  

The Indonesian government, as well as several conservation organisations, have introduced breeding programs to try and increase Sumatran rhino numbers. Their goal is to breed them in captive breeding facilities and slowly reintroduce them to the wild.