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New Delhi Pollution Reaches Unhealthy Levels

Posted on 18 November 2019

The Indian capital of New Delhi has seen its worst pollution levels this year. In fact, the city’s air pollution is currently nearly 40 times the amount considered healthy, and planes are flying away from the city simply because there’s so much pollution in the air that the pilots are having trouble seeing. 

But the pollution isn’t exactly new. It happens almost every year after the annual Diwali festival, which is a Hindu festival of lights. The pollution is largely due to a mix of smoke caused by firecrackers and the burning off of crop stubble in nearby areas. Plus, this time of year is generally colder, meaning the pollution has a harder time escaping. 

A public health emergency has now been declared. Schools are closed for a few days and the local government plans to hand out five million pollution masks to residents. Long-term, there are plans to ban firecrackers to help cut future pollution.