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Using AI to Help Wash Hands

Posted on 20 July 2020

With coronavirus still having a huge impact worldwide, Fujitsu has turned to AI to help people wash their hands.

The AI is able to recognise hands moving, as well as if a person is using soap, and monitors whether people follow the six-step process to wash their hands properly (think things like washing between their fingers and around their thumb, and scrubbing their fingernails). It will largely be used for people who work in the food, hotel and healthcare industries to ensure proper hygiene.  

Fujitsu created the AI by working with Suzuki and other developers. Together, they put together 2,000 handwashing patterns that used a variety of soaps and wash basins so that the AI could detect the right handwashing techniques.

It's important that everyone follows the health and safety precautions set in place, during these tough times.