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Using Data to Improve Water Quality

Posted on 19 November 2019

Water pollution is a huge issue for many nations around the world, including India, where around 70% of the country’s surface water can’t be consumed. 

There are lots of other shocking statistics around India’s water quality. Nearly 40 million litres of wastewater (water that has already been used in the home or for other processes) goes into rivers and other bodies of water every day, and only a small amount of it gets treated. This affects both health and productivity. In fact, the costs associated with water pollution and health total around AU$9.8 to 12.7 billion per year.  

Currently, monitoring water quality is a very slow and expensive process. But, data can actually help improve the situation and make it much easier to observe. Researchers from the Tata Centre for Development at the University of Chicago have found ways to use big amounts of data to identify problems and predict water quality issues much earlier. This will help governments and decision-makers test the water a lot easier and allow them to track the effectiveness of sanitation methods.