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What You Can Do About Bullying

Posted on 16 December 2020

Have you ever been bullied or seen it happen to a friend? Sadly, it’s a very real experience for many kids and teenagers. 

If you’re wondering exactly what bullying is, it’s when someone is treated meanly by a person or even a whole group. There are lots of reasons people get bullied. It might be due to their appearance, race, religion, sexual preferences, or whether or not they’re considered ‘popular’. 

There are different types of bullying, including hurting or touching another person without their consent, using cruel words or teasing, and excluding someone. A newer type of bullying that has come about in recent years is cyberbullying, which is where hurtful messages are sent online or mean comments are left on someone’s social media post. Often, cyberbullies use words or phrases that they would never say in real life. 

So, what can you do if you’re being bullied, or a friend or classmate is experiencing bullying? Speak up! You can tell an adult, such as a parent or teacher. You could try to talk to the bully or stand up for your friend or classmate. Otherwise, you can ignore the bully and hope they’ll get bored and go away. If your friend or classmate is being bullied, support them by making them feel included and assisting them in getting help. 

Bullying is never OK, so don’t feel that you simply need to put up with it.