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Women Watch Live Football in Iran

Posted on 24 October 2019

Since 1979, women in Iran have pretty much been banned from entering sports stadiums where men are playing. But, after pressure from FIFA and lots of people campaigning for women’s rights, 3,500 tickets to a men’s game were put on sale, just for women hoping to attend a live match. 

In a historic moment, thousands of women were allowed to attend a men’s game for the first time in 40 years. The match was a World Cup qualifier between Iran and Cambodia. The women were allowed to sit in a female-only part of the stadium.  

While it’s a landmark moment, the move was criticised by several campaigners as they believe it didn’t go far enough. There were still lots of seats available in the rest of the stadium, but they couldn’t be purchased by women. The campaigners are calling for the ban to be lifted entirely so women can attend games whenever they want.