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Captain Pure

Ahoy, me hearties! Climb aboard, for good times await with me, Captain Pure! I’m a handy skipper and me know-how is as deep as the Pacific Ocean. Speakin’ of oceans, that’s me favourite topic: water! 

Because me days are spent motorin’ up-and-down the coastlines, the Web o’ Life built me with an empty steel sphere for a body. Unfortunately, there ain’t much room to store data, so I often get me wires crossed. But, there is one thing I ne’er get confused about... 

There’s a constant demand for fresh drinkin’ water around the world, yet there are so many things degradin’ its quality, makin' it harmful to both ye humans and ye surroundin’s. Contaminated water from plastic pollution, toxic chemicals, agriculture and human waste are just some o’ the reasons why Earth’s oceans and waterways ain’t lookin’ shipshape. 

There’s also a term called “wastewater”, which applies to the used water that comes from ye sinks, showers, and toilets (sewage). A lot of it flows back into the environment without bein’ treated or reused. It really rusts me rivets to see such a crucial asset treated with such little respect!  

As a crew, I ‘ope we can scrub the deck on these hazardous problems, and together, turn the tide on increasin’ dead zones. I’d love to get dem oceans crystal clean again! So, fellow buckos, I’ll leave ye with a song to lift ye spirits. Big blue sea, big blue sea, ye beauty is a mystery… Righto, I’d better be back to work! Fair winds for now!