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Captain Splash

Ahoy, me hearties! Climb aboard, for good times await with me, Captain Splash! 

You won’t catch me on land – I am simply not made for it. Instead, I stick to the rivers, seas, and oceans. All the waterways around the world are me home!  

But, if there’s one thing that rusts me rivets, it’s seeing Earth’s oceans and waterways not looking shipshape. I can’t stand to see all kinds o’ rubbish bein’ dumped in ‘em. Ahh… Sorry. There I go again, lettin’ me emotions get the better of me. 

Anyways, I’m a handy crewmate when it comes to learnin’ about all things water-related. Me knowledge is as deep as the big blue sea, and I love floatin’ up and down the coastlines tellin’ locals all the facts. If you’re curious about anythin’ to do with water, I’ll be the one reportin’ on things like rivers, oceans, waves and water cycles

So, fellow bucko – I hope you’re looking forward to me chewin' your ear off. Fair winds for now!