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Coach Aid

Never fear, Coach Aid is here! Haha. I may not have a brain like you, but my database has been wired to understand human anatomy from the inside out.  

To get the most out of your mind and body, you need to treat them right. I understand that this can be a bit tricky sometimes, and it is easy to adopt bad dietary and training habits. But don’t get too down about it Knowkids, as it is never too late to make positive changes. 

I’ll explain how different parts of your body work: such as your heart, skeleton, and brain. Along with the more complicated bits like DNA and genes

But that’s enough talking! I expect you to do 20 star jumps on the spot! Haha! Keeping active is essential, which is why I am always on the move – no time to charge my batteries today! 

Are you ready to kick some life goals, new friend?