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Inspector Field

Oh hello there, friend! It’s such a beautiful day to be outside, isn’t it? Let me introduce myself! I’m Inspector Field and I leaf nature... Sorry, I mean LOVE nature! I’m a bit shy and tend to get my words mixed up when I’m nervous.

I’m the green thumb of the group, and I adore being surrounded by the natural elements; with the soil between my screws and the sun on my solar panels. Outdoors is where you will find me reporting on all things nature-related like plants, trees, forests, ecosystems and more.

The population of humanity is constantly expanding, which has resulted in the clearing of vast quantities of land for your homes, plants, and livestock, just to name a few. This process has left me feeling worried about the future of this planet. But, I think that once I educate you on the environment, you’ll understand how essential Mother Nature is for the whole world to work in unison. 

Next time you are out exploring, be sure to come and say hello. I can feel our friendship growing already – like a new sprout!