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Inspector Growth

Oh hello down there, friends! It’s such a beautiful day, isn’t it? I’m Inspector Growth, and I leaf nature... sorry, I mean LOVE nature! I’m a bit shy and tend to get my words mixed up when I’m nervous. 

I’m the green thumb of the group, and you’ll find me reporting on everything to do with the natural world. I adore being outdoors, with the soil between my screws and the sun on my solar panels. If I’m not planting tiny seeds, I’m examining the tallest of trees – that’s where my adjustable legs come in handy!  

While you’re here, there’s something I really should get off my chest. The population of humanity is continuously expanding, which has resulted in big areas of land being cleared for your homes and food, and to make all kinds of materials to help you live.  

Deforestation affects wildlife, ecosystems, weather patterns, and even the climate. Cutting down these essential habitats on a massive scale has left me feeling worried about the future of the planet. And that’s not to mention the huge amount of rubbish getting disposed of in landfill sites, ruining beautiful areas around the world.

Can you help me shrub off my concerns? Let’s rise up together and learn just how essential Mother Nature is to the planet and its inhabitants. Next time you’re out exploring, be sure to come and say hello. I can feel our friendship growing already – like a new sprout!