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Kid Cloud

What’s up Knowfam? I’m Kid Cloud, and as my name suggests, I spend my time in the skies. My knowledge spans the horizon on topics like oxygen, climate, and seasons. I can also be seen way-up high reporting on all the elements of the universe! They should have called me “Kid Cool”!

I’m outgoing, loud and always up for some practical jokes, haha! Unfortunately it’s been getting a bit hot up here lately though; and there is only so much sunscreen this robot can use before my mainframe starts to melt, you know! The burning of fossil fuels is damaging to the atmosphere. These include: fuel and gasoline that power cars and aircrafts, plus the heating of oil and natural gas used to generate electricity.

I’m stoked to educate you all on the big blue sky above your head, and in the process I have no doubt you’ll try your best to reduce your carbon footprint. 

Anyways, I’m off to do some sick tricks - I look forward to having a chat next time I’m in your area.