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Kid Fresh

What’s up, Knowfam? I’m Kid Fresh, and as my name suggests, I spend my time high up in the air. My knowledge is big enough to span the horizon, and it covers all the elements of the universe you can (and can’t) see from your bedroom window! 

The other Knowbots think I’m a bit of a thunderhead because I’m zooming around all the time – but I just can’t sit still! Besides, there are too many practical jokes to play on Professor Rights with my best pal, Soot (he’s the little charcoal character who sits on my hat!). Unfortunately, it’s not all fun and games though… 

To be honest, it’s been getting a bit hot up here lately, and there is only so much sunscreen this robot can use before my mainframe starts to melt! Why is it so hot, you ask? Well, the world is currently facing a climate emergency! 

The burning of fossil fuels (dead plant and animal matter that has compressed and heated over millions of years) is one of the biggest drivers behind global warming, generating harmful emissions called greenhouse gases. Greenhouse gases are created by using fossil fuels like petrol and diesel, which power your cars and aircrafts, along with the heating of oil and natural gas used to create your electricity. As more and more are produced, the atmosphere’s natural balance changes, which affects the climate. Carbon dioxide is the main type of greenhouse gas, and it’s bad because it retains heat in the sky. 

But, I have faith that together we can fight the climate crisis and bring Planet Earth back to a state of harmony – how’s that for #squadgoals?! Anyways, I’m off to do some sick tricks. I look forward to catching up next time I’m soaring through your neighbourhood. Laterrrrr!