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Professor Rights

My sincerest apologies, Knowkids, I didn’t see you there – my vision isn’t as sharp as it used to be! Oh, and I forgot to introduce myself, as usual. I’m Professor Rights and I’m the brains of this bunch. My favourite topics to read about are history, culture and language. Basically, everything that falls under the category of sociology. 

I know, I should probably just download this content, but nothing soothes my spanner like a good book and a cup of tea. I would have probably finished every book ever written if it weren’t for Kid Fresh and that little soot-ball of his interrupting me! Don’t they know how to show a little respect to their elders? Anyway, before I get too carried away, I’d love to talk to you about something that’s been concerning me... 

The Web of Life created me using old scrap metal and recycled parts. I think it just goes to show that you should never judge a robot by its oil leaks! In fact, you shouldn’t judge anyone, especially when it comes to their race, gender, religion, or social status. Planet Earth is brimming with diversity, and there is just ​so​ much that can be learned from different civilisations. There shouldn’t be room for discrimination on anyone’s memory card, if you ask me! 

I’m excited to teach you all about the human race so we can lift the lid on inequality together. So, once you’ve finished those star jumps for Coach Aid, come and have a seat and we can have a heart-to-heart about all my favourite topics. I’ll go pop on the kettle – bye for now!