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Ranger Wild

Hold on to your hats! Ranger Wild’s the name, and I’m always ready for an exciting adventure. Yee haa!

I specialise in researching the extraordinary animal kingdom. Want to learn more about fossilsdinosaursinsects, or mammals? I’m the right robot for the job! There ain’t one wildlife species that I don’t call a friend – all creatures big and small deserve to be treated with respect!  

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. It really breaks my robotic heart. It’s a massive job looking after all these animals, so I’ll need your help in my quest to teach others about the animal kingdom. Working together, we can help protect all vulnerable, threatened and endangered species. Think you’re up for the challenge?  

If you see my red cape flapping proudly in the wind, you’ll know I’m ready to save the day… in style. I’m off, Knowkids! I want to hear you cheering me on!