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Ranger Wild

Howdy, partners – hold on to your hats! Ranger Wild's the name, and the extraordinary animal kingdom is my game! I’m a fearless adventurer who loves exploring wildlife in all corners of the globe. Yeeeee ha! 

You're probably wondering how I ended up with a birdcage for a head, right? Well, I'll have to leave that story for another time, as I have some important issues to discuss with you humans… 

There ain't one critter that I don't call a mate – all living things, big and small, deserve to be treated with respect. Unfortunately, that ain't always the case, and it breaks my robotic heart – or, more accurately, my central processing unit! 

There are thousands of vulnerable, threatened and endangered species out there that are at risk due to human activity. These creatures need someone to speak up for them, as their habitats are being destroyed. Agriculture and factory-farmed livestock force these life forms to migrate to other regions, where they may not have a great chance of survival. And that’s not to mention the many that are caught illegally, treated unfairly, and made to do things they just aren’t meant to do. Animal cruelty – it just ain't right! 

But, partners, if we work together you'll start to understand just how vital every organism is to the global ecosystem. I reckon we’ll have what it takes to get precious specimen out of harm’s way! Yeeeee ha!