The Knowbots are always looking for new allies to join them in their crusade!

Now is your chance to draw, paint, design or model your very own mechanical character that will join the quest! 

With each submission, give your creation a name and description, and talk about their most exciting features.

Upload as a Jpeg or PDF file, that is under 10MB in size.

If you don't have access to a computer or smartphone, you can post your submissions to:

19 Pedder Street
QLD Albion 4010

Please read the terms & conditions before submitting your artwork. Parental supervision is advised. 

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I drew CycleBot to encourage people to ride their bike instead of driving their car.

Created by Jade (10 y/o)


Robbie the robot loves the environment. It has special powers to make grass grow, even if the soil is damaged.

Created by Jude (6 y/o)

Death Lightning

Death Lightning soars around the sky watching people who are hurting the planet. It then uses it's antenna to zap people who do bad things.

Created by Ethan (7 y/o)

Recycle Bot

I'm worried about littering and its effects on the environment. So I have created Recycle Bot, he slides along on his hidden wheels and collects trash with his claws to put in the recycling compartment in his body. It's then crushed and either disposed of properly or used to create something new. The cloud to the left is because he is traveling super fast!

Created by Max (6 y/o)


I made muscleBOT with big muscles so it can help guard the animals from hurtful humans

Created by Jaizee (11 y/o)


My robot can transform into a rocket because I believes humans will need to leave earth if people keep mistreating the planet.

Created by Maddox (5 y/o)

Eric the Air Cooler

Eric was inspired by my air conditioner and was created to help cool the earth due to global warming.

Created by Dante (4 y/o)